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Reasons For A Roof Leak

One of the most commonly asked questions is why you get a roof leak. Is it down to an older roof, storm damage, slipped tiles or is it for some unknown reason that you suddenly just notice you have developed a roofing leak? Here are some of the most common type of roofing leaks.

Roofing Bonding Materials

As the years roll on, dependability of the bonding agents will start to wear off. Bonding agents are things that tie the roof together such as silicon, tar or nails. This is completely normal since no bonding agent is designed to last forever. So if you notice a roof leak, the first thing to check the bonding agents on the roof. Consider whether the severity of the leak requires immediate repairs on the spot or if it’s a sign that the existing roofing needs to be replaced with a new roof.

Roofing Debris

Debris can easily build up on your roof without being able to notice it. Make sure to once a year climb up on a high ladder to throw a visual inspection over the roof or if you have had a very bad storm hit your house in Dublin. Home owners may not notice debris building up and essentially creating blockages where water starts to accumulate since it can’t get free of the roof. As it gets worse and continues to build up in the area, moisture build-up and leakage becomes more and more likely. Periodically (especially after storms) check to ensure the roof remains clear of debris that might lead to blockages.

Guttering Blockages

When gutters are completely full of debris, leaves, twigs and sticks, etc., the entire water run-off system of the roof is compromised. Instead of flowing down the roof, into the gutter system and onto the ground, huge amounts of water stays atop longer and can potentially soak through the starter shingles on your roof. Along with regular cleaning, gutter covers can help keep everything working smoothly by preventing debris from entering your roofing system in the first place.


Holes in the roof are often unnoticed until it’s too late – it could be a missing shingle which was ripped off during a storm, damage in part of a ridge gap, or perhaps an accidental hole left in the roof after removing an antenna or other installation. After serious downpours in rain or whenever any kind of contractor has been on your roof, make sure to check the integrity of your roof afterward, one small misstep and you could have a leak.

Get that leak fixed fast to stop any serious long term damage by finding a contractor for roofing repairs in Dublin such as Roof Wise.

Moisture Building Up

Moisture can accumulate on and around roofs for a large variety of reasons. A couple examples would be improper roofing material for the area, improper installation, improper water drainage, or improperly sealed roof venting. Again, these things often go unnoticed or unaddressed until leaks appear and by that time it’s often the case that substantial damage has already been done.

Get It Fixed Today

When it comes to a roof leak, or roof leaks in general, it is going to revolve more around regular maintenance and not necessarily needing to replace anything on your roof. It’s more about regularly checking on the roof and keeping it in good working order.  If you are not sure over your roof, you can call a team member at Roof Wise in Dublin to pop over and give you a free maintenance check.