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Do you need a new roof in Dublin? Is it a new garage roof, shed roof, new roof on your house or a roof on an outbuilding?

Here at Roof Wise, we can build all types of new roofs regardless if its a pitch roof or flat roof with options on the style and finish of your roof.

We can replace existing roofs and put in a flat roof or tiled roof at very affordable rates. We can replace garage roofs, shed roofs and coverings on extensions at unbeatable price.

From the start to the finish of the roofing installation, our roofers in Dublin will work fast and efficiently. With scaffold erected to work safely whilst observing all the health and safety standards which all our team members are trained in.

New Roof Completed in Dublin
New Roof Completed in Dublin
New Roof Completed in Dublin
New Roof Completed in Dublin


All our new roof installations are covered by a 15 year guarantee, we work with a wide range of roofing materials, local to your area and fully insured.

Our new roof choices in Dublin include:

  • Flat roofs
  • Felt roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Tiled roofs
  • Pitch roofs
  • Roof extensions
  • Garage roofing
  • Shed roofs

Once your new roof in Dublin is built, we can carry out other auxiliary work such as installing new gutters and rooflines.

Types of Roof

  • A Flat Roof is a basic roof, comprised of a flat surface with just enough slope (or pitch) to allow rain to run off.
  • A Shed Roof is a steeper version of a flat roof and gets its pitch by having two parallel walls at different heights.
  • A Gable Roof is the roof type commonly found in temperate climates and good at shedding rain or snow. Furthermore, it is the simplest of ‘proper roofs’. This style was made popular by the Ancient Romans who made all of their structures with this roof. It consists of two pitched surfaces raised and joined in the centre at a ridge board and sloping away to the eaves. The slope can be steep or shallow depending on the purpose.
  • A Hip Roof has four slopes of the same pitch joined in the middle by a ridge board. At least two of the opposite slopes are triangles, the joining edges of adjacent slopes being called ‘Hips’.
  • A Gambrel Roof is also called a Dutch roof and is a version of a Gable Roof but with two different pitches on each roof slope, the upper pitch being shallower than the lower pitch.
  • A Mansard Roof is a type of Gambrel Roof but with four surfaces like a Hip Roof. Similarly like a Gambrel Roof, each surface has two different pitches.

Average cost of a new roof in Dublin.

We provide a fast same day response, so if you live near the County Dublin region in Ireland, we can be at your home in less than 1 hour!

Our new roof technicians only use quality suppliers for our roofing materials to ensure each and every roofing service is done to the highest of standards to approved specification.

Call our roofers today for a free estimate for new roofs in Dublin on: 01 254 8329


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