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How Do I Know If I Should Repair Or Replace My Roof?

To Repair Or To Replace Your Roof in Dublin

Ah, the age old question. To repair or to replace, it honestly applies to most things in life and it always comes down to value and the condition of it. If your roof is already around 20 years old and leaks are starting to occur fairly regularly, it might just be more advisable to replace it instead of constantly patching it.

A breakdown of this type of example as follows : Average repair cost for replacing a section of a roof including underlay and battens is approx: €1000 (can vary). Now imagine over the course of 5 years you need 3 call outs since the underlay is starting to rot along with letting water in.

It would be more efficient and in the long run, cheaper, to simply replace the old roof. By acting proactively, you can save a lot of money by just removing the old roof, applying new battens and new underlay and laying back down the old tiles. This type of work costs less than €2000 (can vary) and guarantees a new lifespan to your roof of 20 years.

Now, the opposite holds true as well, if you have a roof that is still in good condition and it has a leak. Perhaps a tile moved or you got a tear in your underlay which has let water in. We can work exclusively on that section knowing that once its patched up, the integrity of the roof is just as good as new again.

  • If roof is over 20 years, replace the roof
  • If underlay / battens showing damage in more than one area of the roof, replace the roof
  • If only damage is located in one section, repair it instead

So like we said at the start, its the age old question of value. If it is an old roof which is failing, sagging or rotten battens / underlay, just replace it. Initially more expensive than a repair but after a year or 2, you have saved money at that stage since it will not need anymore work for the better part of 2 decades.

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