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How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Average Costs For Replacing A Roof in Dublin, Ireland

The cost of replacing your roof will depend on the age and condition that it’s in, but generally speaking, the cost of a new roof on an average property is around €6000. This will depend if its a simple re-tile with underlay replacement or if more serious work needs to be undertaken to the roofing structure.

There are some key factors to consider when determining the cost of re-roofing a house, including the following:

  • The size of your roof
  • The size and type of materials you use
  • The shape and style of your roof
  • Whether or not you require structural changes / repairs
  • Which roofing company you hire

As an example, replacing the felt roof on a medium-sized shed would cost approximately €900, whereas replacing the slate tiles on an average UK family house would cost around €6,000.

Of course, where you live in the country will also have a bearing on material and labour costs.

Re-roofing job costs estimates

For full re-roofing jobs for a home, you should generally expect to budget between €5000 to €7000 depending on the size of your property. As an example, we’ve included some prices below which include VAT and labour charges.

Types of Roof

  • A Flat Roof is a basic roof, comprised of a flat surface with just enough slope (or pitch) to allow rain to run off.
  • A Shed Roof is a steeper version of a flat roof and gets its pitch by having two parallel walls at different heights.
  • A Gable Roof is the roof type commonly found in temperate climates and good at shedding rain or snow. Furthermore, it is the simplest of ‘proper roofs’. This style was made popular by the Ancient Romans who made all of their structures with this roof. It consists of two pitched surfaces raised and joined in the centre at a ridge board and sloping away to the eaves. The slope can be steep or shallow depending on the purpose.
  • A Hip Roof has four slopes of the same pitch joined in the middle by a ridge board. At least two of the opposite slopes are triangles, the joining edges of adjacent slopes being called ‘Hips’.
  • A Gambrel Roof is also called a Dutch roof and is a version of a Gable Roof but with two different pitches on each roof slope, the upper pitch being shallower than the lower pitch.
  • A Mansard Roof is a type of Gambrel Roof but with four surfaces like a Hip Roof. Similarly like a Gambrel Roof, each surface has two different pitches.

What Happens During A Re-Roofing Project?

We follow a strict safety and guidance protocol during the replacement of a roof. Re-roofing your house is not as simple as other projects such as driveway paving in Dublin, this procedure is built on guidelines and our own experience of 30 years carrying out re-roofing on Dublin homes.

  • Prepare the area around the house for scaffolding
  • Erect the scaffolding ensuring its properly tied in
  • Remove all the roof tiles including ridge tiles and battens
  • Battens are removed so we can install new breathable membrane
  • Clean off the rafters and inspect them
  • Treat the rafters if it is required
  • Replace the insulation in the attic
  • Install the new membrane
  • Install the new tiles on the roof
  • Exact type of installation will depend on the type of tile we are applying
  • Visually inspect the entire roof including all the flashing on chimney and roofing valleys making sure its all watertight
  • Clean off the area and take down the scaffolding

This entire process including the average cost will greatly depend on the interior structure of the roof. Maybe sections will have to be replaced that are rotten or maybe a part of the roof has sagged and will need new beams.

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