Loose Roof Tiles in Dublin

We Can Replace and Fix Any Roof Tiles At Very Affordable Rates

Have you noticed you are missing some roof tiles or some cracked? Why not call Roof Wise for a free quote on getting them roof tiles fixed in Dublin. In case the old roof tiles are broken or missing, we will do our best to try to match the old tiles but it can depend on the type of tile it is. Slate tiles are easier to match in than some manufactured roof tiles as slate will not fade or age.

Perhaps its another problem on your roof? If its interior, you can learn about ceiling leaks here to see how we handle our interior work.

Roof tiles are broken into 2 types of tiles on a roof. The standard roofing tile which is the main tile you will find on the roof, the second tile is the ridge tile. This sits on the peak of the roof and overlaps the normal tiles to provide coverage on them and seal them off. Ridge tiles are generally either angular ridge tiles, round hip tiles or curved ridge tiles.

Ridges tiles that are cracked, missing or damaged can lead to serious damage as it allows clear entry of water into the main pitch of the roof. Get it fixed ASAP.

Another feature often confused with roof tiles are verges. These are at the sides of a roof where they generally are accompanied by some fascia boards running just underneath them. Verges are either classed as a wet verge or a dry verge.

A wet verge is where the area is sealed off using mortar / concrete to stop any ingress of water under the tiles. A dry verge is done using a PVC kit which sits on top of the tile and clips underneath them.

Wet verges on roofs are the most traditional style but they do need renewing ever 5 to 10 years whereas dry verges are not just superior looking due to the PVC but do not need renewing or touching up.

Regardless of the type of roofing tile problem you might have, you can trust Roof Wise to get it done. Our roofing repair services in Dublin provides an extensive service which covers all types of repairs and maintenance on roofs. Call 01 254 8329 to book a free estimate.