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How to choose a expert roofing contractor

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Choosing the great roofing contractor is not a selection to be taken without some consideration. There are several issues to take into account, including online reviews, family suggestions, accreditation and guarantee, and the company’s years of practical experience at doing the roofing work. Cowboy builders appear in all shapes and sizes, with some both undercharging … Read more

Getting Block Valleys or Cracked Lead Flashing

Roof Valley

One of the fastest types of maintenance and repairs job we undertake regularly at Roof Wise is clearing out old roofing valleys and carrying out any minor repairs it requires. A blocked valley causing water to overflow can be cleared of debris fairly easily as a basic maintenance task. If the lead in the valley … Read more

5 Benefits To Lead Roofing

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As one of the oldest roofing materials that is still being used to this day in Dublin, lead has long been celebrated for its advantages and suitability for roofs by home owners. Benefits of lead roofing include its ability to be moulded and recycled, along with its resistance to different types of climate which is … Read more

What to do if your roof is leaking?

What to do if your roof is leaking

If your roof is leaking, your first job should be to try to stop the water coming in and minimise any further damage to the interior if that is secure for you to do, before you set about correcting the leak with qualified help. Let us look at these steps and how it would break … Read more

Great importance of Guttering and Preserving Gutter Health

Great importance of Guttering and Preserving Gutter Health

Gutters are an essential section of the home but are usually dismissed until eventually a problem happens. Critically, periodic gutter servicing ought to be utilized right before a issue occurs to make certain the protection of your home — and your family members. In this post, we’ll be talking about your guttering in Dublin and … Read more

Roofing Material Guide | Which Roof Material to use

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In addition to the various types and sizes, roofs also come in many different materials. From thatched roofs to metal roofs, tiled roofs to green roofs, the options today are vast when it comes to your residential or garage roofing. Each roofing material has various advantages and disadvantages. The following guide will serve to highlight … Read more

Competent Roofer for Dublin

Competent Roofer Coronavirus Checklist

Not sure of the problem? We offer a FREE no obligation survey and expert advice for an accurate quotation – 01 254 8329 Total Emergency Service To storm damaged, accidental, water damaged, flooded fire or vandal damaged buildings, all necessary works to help make safe, help prevent accidents and further damages happening Click here for … Read more