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Ridge Tile Repairs Dublin

Loose, Cracked Or Replacement Of Ridge Tiles on Roofs in Dublin

If you are looking for ridge tile repairs in Dublin, why not call the team at Roof Wise. We can repair, replace and reseat loose or cracked tiles.

Ridge tiles are designed to keep out the rain and normally made from either slate, clay or manufactured materials. They are very important part of your roofing structure that help to keep water out of ridges on your roof.

When your ridge gets exposed to allow water to penetrate underneath which can cause rot, damp and water pooling into your roof.

We provide a range of services for roofing in Dublin including roof repairs, flat roofing and new roofs.

Another factor to consider with your ridge is the venting required to ensure adequate ventilation for the wooden lats and membrane underlay.

Reseating ridge tiles is done by gently lifting off the tiles using hammer and chisel which will allow us to remove the concrete mortar bed which holds it in place.

Once we remove the old mortar, we can put in the new mortar combined with a bonding agent to ensure that the new tiles sit flush and watertight against the ridge.