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Here at Roof Wise, we provide a comprehensive service for customers looking to replace or install a new flat roof in Dublin. We provide a range of choices standard felt roofing, rubber roofing, torch on felt and fibreglass roofs.

You can book in a free estimate today from our skilled roofers to provide you with a FREE no obligation estimate in Dublin. If you need repairs to your roof, view our roofing repair services in Dublin to learn more.

Customers often get confused over the various types of flat roof choices that are available on the market, here’s an explanation of some of the different options available.


One of the most common types for the roof on your shed or garage is torch on felt. Torch on roofing is a flat roof covering that involves putting down three layers of felt (modified bitumen) which is sealed to your roof.

The sealing of the felt to your roof is done using a gas torch. This provides a watertight seal to ensure your flat roofing structure is not exposed to water. The type of felt used generally falls into these three types of membrane.

  • Elastomeric membranes
  • PVC membranes
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin


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Fibreglass roofing is made up of polyester resin and using Strands of matte glass fibres which are mixed together to form a solid coat on top of your flat roof. 

This roofing laminate is generally applied directly on top of your plywood roof. It’s finish is superior to felt as it is not as prone to damage during storms or heavy winds, however the cost is higher than a standard three ply felt finish.


Another form of roofing for your shed or garage is to finish it off using rubber. The most efficient way of applying this type of roof is done by using liquid rubber.

Another big advantage to rubber roofing is when you do have a leak is very easily repaired by using a drop of rubber liquid and letting it harden. This option for roof is the most expensive but is the most effective and eco-friendly solution for a roof on a shed, garage or extension.