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Soffit Repair and Installation Service in County Dublin

Here at Roof Wise, we provide a quality soffit repair and installation service over all of County Dublin. With a range of choices on colours and styles for your home.

Soffits make up the underside of the roofline that joins together the fascia to which the guttering is attached.

Your roof by necessity, will often times extend over the walls of your home. This overhang can go by a few names, such as the house eaves or the rafters of your roof.

The underside of this overhang, when given a finished appearance, is known as the soffit, which is abbreviated from the term “something fixed underneath”.

Soffits are very important to the ventilation of the area which allows the structure underneath to breathe such as around the attic.

We not only provide a quality soffit install and repair service in Dublin, we provide a quality guttering repair service and fascia repair & install service as well.

Available as wood or uPVC, we recommend opting for the latter as it is available in a wide range of colours and will require no maintenance except for the occasional wash down with a cloth.

If you need help with your soffits in Dublin or would like a professional opinion on replacing or fixing damaged soffits, call Roof Wise today.